The movement - finest German clock making.

Equipped with masterpieces of German clockmaking, tradition and innovation merging in the case of a Connelly Design floor clock. From simple quartz movement to the most accurate mechanical precision pendulum movement – the sense of time on the highest level.

- currently not available -

The Dial - the impressive face.

The Dial, the impressive face of each clock. Whether gold, 925 sterling silver, or stainless steel, from simple numerals to complex art engravings, we realize surpassing dials. Individually manufactured according to our customer requirements each clock-face is made by master craftsmen.

Bespoke Interior Modules

Time for enjoyment. The characteristics of classic floor clocks and luxurious contemporary features merge seamlessly in a Conelly Design timepiece. For almost every purpose, we integrate a tailor-made interior.



The Humidor


Superior cigars well stored.



The watch winder


Room for finest chronometry.


The sommelier

Refined wine remarkable staged.


The glass case

For any kind of treasures.



The bar

Fine spirits kept stylishly


The Collection

Media storage for CD / DVD

Individual and personal - the details

Every moment is unique, each person is unique and so is every Connelly Design clock.

The enormous number of components of our impressive clocks affords endless creative opportunities.From the colour of the surface, to the dial, to the hands- we design individually for our clients - intricately, personal and unique.